Philip Peterson


I'm raising funds for Wesley Mission Queensland

Help me raise $500 so that 10 families can experience hope and joy this Christmas. 

Every family deserves Christmas and with your help we can make a real difference to those in our community who may otherwise be unable to enjoy Christmas.  

Thank you in advance for helping bring joy and hope to those in need!

Thank you to my Sponsors


Tim And Lauren Kingsford

Been learning in podcasts lately about mishpat (hebrew justice) and how it was part of the law to feed/help the poor and needy. Jesus was always on about it and I'm of realising how important it is. Good on ya Phil and fam.


Shelley Bell


Jean Whitehead

Hope this helps a family to enjoy Christmas as we will.


Lauren Cooper


Lauren Kingsford


Georgina Hunt


Shae Whitehead


Jacob & Mary Hughes


Emma De Graaf


Robyn Heit




Cassandra Smith